The importance of Website Design

When it comes to your digital presence, there is a great deal of factors that you need to consider. Unfortunately growing your digital presence does not simply stop just by creating a website for your business/brand! Most websites that you find online today have gained popularity and ROI through their online marketing and making sure that SEO is a top priority within their website design. It may not provide you with an overnight success, but it is a sure factor to generate exposure for your business.

There are hundreds of factors that lead to a successful digital presence, however, lets focus on the most basic part of your website – the design. How important really is it? The design and development of your website can either draw in customers or turn them away almost instantly. It makes a massive difference on how potential customers view your websites & effectively turns the views into sales. This means that developing a website design that is easy-to-use, well designed and maintained will result in a greater conversion rate as well as a return on your investment. Ultimately, this means better business and more money in the businesses pocket.

Although the websites may cost a substantial amount of money upfront, investing in a well-built website can generate a much higher profit for your business. To gain a solid ROI from your website, you will need to have the top parts the website in mind. Some of the key things to look out for:

  • Website Design and Visual Elements

Your website will play a massive part in representing your business so it’s only right that the design and typography are up to scratch. Typically, a lot of websites like to have tons of content about their business & services straight away on the homepage. Web pages with too much content will look messy and can seriously effect conversion rates. Visually cluttered pages may be difficult to read which ultimately results in disinterest from potential customers, meaning they will take their business elsewhere. To avoid this from happening, it is best to streamline the content and not over-do the content. This is where you ideally want the customer to get in contact to find out specific parts, from there is where the conversion from a conversation to a sale can be made.

  • Navigation

This is essential for any website when your website has a lot of pages/posts. This would include a well labelled navigation bar or a menu that showcases a list of different web pages. When the navigation is developed correctly, users can easily explore and understand how your website works. It doesn’t necessarily have to be very flash and state of the art, even a simple yet intuitive navigation will make your visitors appreciate the website further and draw them back to browse your website again.

  • Brand Recognition

Your brand is what sets you apart from other competitors in your sector – this is typically identified through your company logo. If your business has a unique logo that is commonly used on business cards, t-shirts etc then it is best to stick with this for consistency throughout your online presence. It is important that your target audience recognise your brand in all types of medium. If there is a slight change in your branding on your website compared to your physical store, then it may confuse your customers and make them feel they are visiting another company’s website.

  • User Engagement

Web pages should showcase content/services that appeal to your potential customers and users of your website so that they can engage more with your website and business. This is a key part of your website design as if the customer doesn’t feel engaged or has trouble understanding exactly what you can provide, they will switch off easily and look elsewhere. This means potential customers and revenue is lost due to poor website design.

  • Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is vital to your website’s success, without this, customers would not find your website and you may not generate any leads/sales from it. Nowadays, most users will search for a company that matches what they need and will go to the top search result. Let’s say your business provides gardening services in Oxfordshire. When a customer searches for ‘garden services in Oxfordshire’, if your website is at the top of this list, you are more than likely going to receive views. However, if they search but your website is 5-6 pages in, it will potentially get missed unless they are specifically looking for your company. Most customers don’t have the time to be searching through pages and pages of results, they will more than often go with the top result.


With so many businesses popping up recently, you want to make sure that you are on top of your game with your digital presence as this is where a large quantity of customers will come from. Most businesses have already developed their websites to be more accessible for their customers and to be able to provide them content even when you are closed. When you have a well-maintained website presence, this will gain your visitors trust and they won’t have doubts in exploring your products and services. In effect, a well built and managed website will be one of the best investments a business can make.